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Massage Therapy & Holistic Herbalism in Lafayette, CO

Healing the Whole Human

I believe that humans are not a collection of symptoms and to fully heal one's self, the mind, body, and spirit must be listened to. 


​My specialty is the body.​


Offering a variety of massage therapy, bodywork, and holistic herbalism, I can assist you in being pain-free from the inside and out. ​Achieving optimal health and true vitality every single day is a journey. I am here to assist you in making steps toward your health goals. 

Reaching Out to the Sun

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My name is Teresa Schmidt.

My purpose is to align the body and alleviate pain so the mind and soul have space to evolve.

It was an auspicious day in March of 2006 when I graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver. Little did I know all the twists and turns my career would take to bring me to this moment. Aside from my ongoing private practice, I have gained experience and skills working for spas such as The Manton Massage Clinic, Izba Spa, Belly Bliss, the Spa at St. Julien, and the DragonTree.

My energetic-based healing experience comes from my spiritual practice, being trained in SomatoEmotional Release, and studying Mayan healing techniques that meld the physical and metaphysical. 

I graduated from Vital Ways Institute as a Holistic Herbalist in 2021 and continued down the rabbit hole in the Advanced Herbalist Program. 

Currently, I am working towards a B.A. in Ayurveda at Maharishi International University.

When I'm not packing all the info into my head, I like to play violin horribly, try to get arrows into a stupid target, cook recipes that my daughter refuses to eat, feed my addiction to all things plant medicine, and trade sarcastic deadpan wit with my daughter until one of us breaks down in laughter.



The first time I met Teresa I was having severe lower back pain with sciatic nerve pain.  I was skeptical. She listened to my issues and asked several questions making sure I was comfortable with her and what my body needed. Teresa was able to relieve my pain. She genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in her work! I have seen other massage therapists at major companies. It was like being on an assembly line. This is not the case with Teresa. Her ability to listen to you and see what is going on with your physical body makes her the best in Colorado.  I highly recommend her for massage and energy work needs.

Peter L.

Image by Thom Holmes

Immanuel Kant

"For peace to reign on Earth, humans must evolve into new beings who have learned to see the whole first."

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