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Holistic Herbalism

There are no incurable diseases - only lack of will.
There are no worthless herbs - only lack of knowledge.

Humans are not a collection of symptoms.

We are an intricate, intelligent, interdependent system of physical, mental, and spiritual melding.

To heal the symptoms, the whole person must heal. This is what sets apart holistic herbalists.

We heal the whole.

Holistic herbalism is an in-depth method of knowing a body and person to achieve more vitality for every moment of life, no matter how long your life may be. Vitality is defined as "the state of being strong and active" or "the power-giving continuance of life, present in all living things". Those are quite broad definitions.

Christopher Smaka, herbalist and owner of Vital Ways Institute, breaks down how vitality applies to humans like this:

  • Physically to feel energized and enlivened, indicated by the ability to accomplish our actions of choice with invigoration and without undue fatigue.

  • Mentally to have cognitive functioning that is able to process ideas effectively, organize diverse ideas efficiently, and learn and retain information easily.

  • Emotionally to rest in a place of mostly content, engaged and calm emotionality, despite external stresses or difficulties.

  • Overall, to feel the above as the positive side of vitality and simultaneously to feel free of excessive physical and emotional unpleasantness. 

I use a complete holistic healing skill set that integrates nutrition, mind-body health, detoxification essentials, and an intimate knowledge of plants to assist you in achieving optimal health. Food as medicine is a big part of healing, therefore introducing simple, easy dietary changes can make a big difference. Depending on what your issues are, how much dedication you can put forth, and your openness to doing things a little differently, will be factors to how soon you will feel results. This process is your healing journey with Teresa as your guide and support.


Take back your birthright to be healthy, resilient, and fully vital with holistic herbalism.

Currently, I am not accepting new herbal clients until I finish my BA in Ayurveda.

If you need some advice, I'm happy to answer your questions.

Holistic Herbalism: Welcome
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