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Healing the Outside

Whether you're looking to relax or work out issues,

choose a space in time for your in-body, out-of-mind experience.

30 minute $50*

60 minutes $110

75 minutes $125

90 minutes $140

2 Hours $200

*30 min is not a full-body massage

**School employee discounts are available. Just ask!

Healing the Inside

A journey we take together, involving an initial 60 minute intake, creation of holistic health plan, one 30-minute check-in with plan modifications, and a 10 day supply of herbs to get you started (tincture or tea).

Not open for new clients until I finish my BA in Ayurveda in 2025.

Happy to answer questions though!

Healing the Whole

Coming in 2025!

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What to Expect

Each body holds the key to its own healing. What is provided for your session is:

  • a safe space for YOU to be YOU and be open to your own healing process

  • skills and techniques to guide your body and mind to how you want to heal

  • unsolicited or solicited advice on what you could do for whatever ails you

  • hugs...everyone needs a hug.

Each session is tailored to your specific needs.

Your body, your head-space, your healing process.


In-office sessions can include:

  • Hot packs

  • Hot towels

  • A variety of liniments

  • T-bars or O-Bars

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That Thing About Masks...

Masks are NOT required.
I respect everyone's need to wear or not wear one.
If you are having any symptoms of feeling ill, such as sore throat, congestion, coughing, sneezing, it's respectfully asked that you contact me before coming in for your appointment so we can assess risk and whether you should reschedule.

Thanks for respecting everyone's right to be healthy!

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